My Mintos Auto Invest Strategy

Hello guys! Today I’m gonna share my best Mintos auto invest strategy with you, and most important, I’m gonna share my tips and tricks, and why I’m  using this strategy!

Before starting. If you are not an investor yet on Mintos, I recommend that you read my Mintos Review before starting. 

My Mintos auto invest strategy is based on compound interest or reinvesting! Compound interest, is interest on top of interest.  It means that the interest you earn every month, is but back into your principal, which is the amount of money you invested in the first place. So instead of taking out your profit, you add it to your funds, so you can invest in even more loans. This makes your annual ROI accelerate instead of being stable. Lets make the money rain!

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What is crowdlending?

I bet you heard about crowdfunding, but what about crowdlending, what is crowdlending? Actually they are quite similar, with crowdfunding you help people and get a product in return, with crowdlending you also help people but you earn profit instead.
Crowdlending is also known as peer-to-peer lending or P2P. This kind of investment for private people took it’s first steps i 2005 with the launch of Zopa and later prosper. Since then it has been growing and growing, and now there are a lot of platforms all over the world, with Lending Club in the USA being the biggest. Crowdlending started accelerating around 2013, and never looked back since. It’s a very trending investment form.

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Mintos Review

Mintos was the first crowdlending platform I invested in. I choose this one, because it was the easiest one to use, at least for me, so I saw it as the best place to try out crowdlending, even though investment’s starts from 10€ per. loan. I’ll come back to why I think this is the easiest one to use, later.

No matter if you are new to crowdlending or you are the best one out there (at least you think so :-D), then Mintos should be a part of your portfolio, read my Mintos review here to hear my opinion.

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