My Mintos Auto Invest Strategy

Hello guys! Today I’m gonna share my best Mintos auto invest strategy with you, and most important, I’m gonna share my tips and tricks, and why I’m  using this strategy!

Before starting. If you are not an investor yet on Mintos, I recommend that you read my Mintos Review before starting. 

My Mintos auto invest strategy is based on compound interest or reinvesting! Compound interest, is interest on top of interest.  It means that the interest you earn every month, is but back into your principal, which is the amount of money you invested in the first place. So instead of taking out your profit, you add it to your funds, so you can invest in even more loans. This makes your annual ROI accelerate instead of being stable. Lets make the money rain!

Choosing loan ORIGINATORS

The first step of making a good investing strategy is to choose the best and strongest loan originators. I’m doing this with information from this really good post: but also with a mix of my own feeling and the Mintos ratings of the loan originators. In my strategy I only have loan originators with a rating higher then 60 from explorep2p.

You should end up with around 16-20 loan originators, out of the 53 available.


The settings I use in my auto invest strategy, are as followed.

As you can see on the picture I choose buyback guarantee and current status. This is no surprise. The important thing here is that as amortization method, I only choose “Full”, you have to do this underneath every loan originator btw. The reason why I did this, is that when a loan with a “Full” amortization method is being payed back from the lender, you get the interest back, but you also get a amount of what you invested in the loan back. The complete opposite to this is the Interest-only method.

For example if you invest 10€ in a loan, with a term of 12 month. Then beside the interest you would get 0,833€ back every month, with the “Full” amortization method. This makes a really big difference when your strategy is based on compound interest.


Now I’m gonna explain why we used all this time to make sure our Auto Invest function only picked loans with “Full” amortization method.

In the following example the calculations are based on:

Investment: 1000€
Invested into: 100 times 10€ loans.

Average Interest rate: 10%
Average loan term: 12 month

It’s pure theory, buyback from loan originators and the possibility that some loans goes into late payment are not included, so the annual return WILL be lower.

Full Amortization Method:

Return on Investment 1. month: 91,67€
Invested into 9 times 10€ loans.

Return on Investment 2. month + surplus from 1. month: 99,91€ + 1,67€
Invested into 10 times 10€ loans.

This reinvesting continues for 12 months and the result is: 1.168,158€ or 16,8% annual return.

Interest-only Amortization Method: 

Return on Investment 1. month: 8,3€
Invested into 0 times 10€ loans.

Return on investment 2. month + surplus from 1. month: 8,3€ + 8,3€
Invested into 1 times 10€ loans.

This reinvesting continues for 12 months and the result is: 1.103,075€ or 10% annual return.

Off cause those two examples are only theory, and the chance that you have interest-only as Amortization Method on all your loans are quite low. But if it’s possible to make a difference in annual return on maybe 2-3%, then it’s still a lot. I hope that by time I can get my annual return near 14% with this method.

This is my way to fight against the interest rate on the loans still being lower and lower, without having no diversity at all and investing in only 12 or 13% + loans from only 2-3 different loan originators. I would not prefer this method.



Now you can almost make the auto invest strategy, there are only a few things left. You should put the lowest interest rate at 9,5%, since there is no need to pick up 8% loans when there are 16.000 with 9,5%+. Then you should also put the longest loan term at 12 month, we don’t want 10 € to be paid back over 5 years, this is way to long if we want to maximize our use of compound interest. It should look like this.

After this you should put the maximum investment per. loan at 10€, the only reason to make this one higher, is if there is not enough loans. We want as high diversity as possible. Also enable auto reinvest, and unable the possibility to invest in loans you already invested in, that’s not diversity.
The diversity across the loan originators, I put at 12,5% and then I’m watching it every week to see if I should change it, in order to get my investments more diversified. With these settings your funds should be evenly invested over 8 different loan originators.


make three strategies – same settings almost

Now you need to make three of the same auto invest strategy, with the same settings almost. The only difference should be that one of them is with lowest interest rate on 9,5%, the second one with 10,5% and the last one with 11%. Make sure to put the diversity settings at 12,5% in those strategies also, and the portfolio size of your strategies should be the same, and the size should be the total amount of funds on your account.

By doing this we make sure that if any loans with 11% interest rate are being posted on the platform, then we get them first. The reason why you should have an invest strategy with above 10,5% interest rate, is that Creditstar + luteCredit got many loans with this interest rate, so why get loans  with 9,5% interest rate when you can get 10,5%.  Make sure to remove Creditstar and luteCredit from your diversity setting in the strategy with interest rate from 9,5%. If not you will end up with a lot more then 12,5% of your loans being in either Creditstar or luteCredit. Everything is now done, and your Mintos account is ready to make money!

I Hope you enjoyed,

Cya later, Mathias Pedersen.

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