Mintos Review

Mintos was the first crowdlending platform I invested in. I choose this one, because it was the easiest one to use, at least for me, so I saw it as the best place to try out crowdlending, even though investment’s starts from 10€ per. loan. I’ll come back to why I think this is the easiest one to use, later.

No matter if you are new to crowdlending or you are the best one out there (at least you think so :-D), then Mintos should be a part of your portfolio, read my Mintos review here to hear my opinion.

Mintos platform

Mintos is the second biggest crowdlending platform worldwide, and by far the biggest one in Europe, if you look on investor’s and loans. Currently Mintos have 115.686 loans that YOU can invest in, with loan amounts from 12€ to more then a 1.000.000 €. For the last too month they funded loans worth around 120.000.000€ per. month, so on this platform you shouldn’t have any problems investing your cash.

When you look on the Mintos loan listings, it’s almost like buying cloth, is not for fun that they call it a market. If you are investing manually there are 17 filters you can easily use, beside the interest rate and loan term bars. You can search for your loans by currency, country, originator, loan type, loan status, amortization method and so on. Even though Mintos did everything to make the manually investment form easy, I do not recommend investing manually. From my point of view, it’s a waste of time since Mintos have an Auto invest function, with the same filters. I’ll come back to this later.

On the Mintos platform there is also a page called “My investments”, and this one I really love. Here all the loans you invested in, are listed one by one, and you can access them on the same way as before you invested. In the top of this page the average interest rate and remaining term of the loans are listed, and there is also a diagram showing the distribution of your loans, in loan



The best thing is, that you can search in your investments with the same filters as when you are investing manually. And when you do this the diagrams showing average interest rate and remaining term, changes. So you can use this function to optimize how you invest. By looking at which loan types that give the best interest rate e.g. You can also use the filters to check if you should change your diversity settings because you have to many Mogo loans, check if it’s the same loan type that goes into late status or it’s loans from the same loan originator. There are dozens of possibilities. This is also available for finished investments.



Mintos  have a secondary market on there platform. This secondary market is a place where investor’s can buy/sell each other loans. The secondary market currently holds more then 150.000 loans, so it’s bigger then the primary market. This is a good thing if you want to get your money out of the platform very fast, and it’s a nice safety to have, because you never know what happens in real life. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m planing to see if it’s possible to make even more profit, using the secondary market. So I’ll make a post about it in the future.


The Mintos overview is the place where you see the most important and basic information about the development of your investments.

What I like about it, is that it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to do. It’s so basic and manageable with links for further information. And within the “Annual Return” tab, it shows where your profit are from, so you can see how much that is from campaign rewards, interest rate or late payment fees.

Mintos auto-invest

Like mentioned before, Mintos have an auto invest function. If you are gonna invest on Mintos you should definitely use this, there is no way around it. You can either create your own (recommended) or choose one made by Mintos, I’ll come back to this.

The auto-invest function is quite easy to use, at least as long as you just want to customize your strategy based on loan originators + rating , loan type and countries. If you want to dig deeper and customize investment structure or amortization method, then you have to do it underneath every loan originator, and that’s a bit annoying, and takes some time. At least it automatically choose loans only with current status.

In the auto invest strategy it’s also possible to customize the way you want to diversify across loan originators. This is based on the portfolio size of your auto function, and is quite easy to make. For me it have work fine until now, but be aware that you need to look through this when you customize your auto invest function, since the standard settings are quite off. I heard that some people have had problems with the values changing out of no where, I haven’t tried it though.

You can make more then 1 auto invest strategy, and have multiple working at once. It’s possible to priorities them and it’s easy to activate or deactivate them. All in all the function works out well. There is from my point of view only one more minus, except for the one mentioned in the beginning. This is that the function is not choosing loans with the highest interest rate. Lets say that you have a strategy where the interest rate can vary from 10-15%, then you can get 10%,13%, 11%, 15% loans. It’s not like it’s picking 15% loans before it takes 14% loans.


If you don’t have knowledge about all of this or you don’t want to research to find out, then Mintos made it really easy for you to make an investment on there platform anyway.  With just three click’s you can invest any amount in seconds. Mintos made three different auto invest strategies, a short term, diversified and a secured strategy. All off them have a short information about the investment strategy, and they are all with quite low interest rate (from 7 and 8,5%).  I haven’t yet tried any of these strategies, so I don’t know how good they are, or if the interest rate can get any near the platforms average on 11.60%. After all I think this is a bit silly, I’m not sure if this function is made to help Mintos or the investors. The fact that all loan originator’s are included in to of them, maybe tells what this is made for.


Mintos offers buyback guarantee on more then 99% of the loans, on their platform. The buyback guarantee steps in if the repayment on a loan is more then 60 days late. This sounds really good, but what’s the most important thing, is how often this happens.

If you go to statistics on the Mintos platform, then you can see that only 0,3% of the outstanding loans, are more that 60+ days late. From my point of view, that’s really good. Another nice thing is that only 5,2% of the outstanding loans are more then 1 month late, the reason why this is good, is that you’ll be able to reinvest your money faster. I hope that Mintos can keep it like this in the future.


Mintos services

Mintos are offering some services or kinda gesture’s to there investors. One of them is that everyday you get a daily summary on mail. Here you can see your overall annual return and profit, and you can also see what happened through out the day with your investments. Where today’s income came from, if an investment rebuy happened and if you made some new investments.

Another thing. When you have transferred money, you need to provide confirmation that the transaction is made in your name. It’s not really a gesture, but I like that you can feel the serious approach.

Mintos also offers the possibility to enable two-factor authentication. This is a way to make your Mintos account more secure by using google authenticator, which is a mobile app. The way it works, is that you need to use an additional pin code, when logging in. This code always changes and you get it from your google authenticator on your phone. I recommend using this.

Mintos Comparison

If you look on pure numbers, Mintos are very strong on the number of available loans and originators, but the average interest rate is a bit lower then some of the competitors. With the right strategy though, I think it’s possible to use the full potential of the auto invest function and get the annual return higher then the average interest rate on 11.60%. All in all those things makes up for each other, most of the time higher diversity equals lower risk, and lower risk equals lower return.

The platform is very smooth and easy to use. I love the interface and the overview, and the fact that you have access to so much information about your investments, and you are able to analyse it quite easy.

Mintos Conclusion

I also feel “secure” on Mintos. They offer buyback guarantee, there is a secondary market, loan originators have skin in the game and they have two-factor authentication. Another things is that Mintos is actually making money, and they are quite big. They got more the 50 employees, and in 2015 they started making profit, and have done it since. The profit in 2017 was around 200.000€.

My conclusion on Mintos, is that I’m very satisfied. I would definitely recommend using Mintos as a crowdlending platform,  especially for newbies because it’s very easy to get started, but also for experienced guys. Be aware that this review is based on my thoughts / experience, you should make your own conclusion and analyse of Mintos before investing.


I Hope you enjoyed,

Cya later, Mathias Pedersen

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