How to transfer money to Mintos

When I’m looking through crowdlending groups on Facebook, I often see people asking the question “How to transfer money to Mintos?” Or asking other related questions.

Are you having problems with this, then this tutorial on how to transfer money to Mintos, is definitely something for you.

I marked the stuff you should really remember with red. 

How to find mintos bank information

This is the problem most people have, but actually it’s not so hard to find. Go to the tap “Desposit / Withdraw / FX”, and choose the currency you want to add to your account.  You should now see this window:

Click the icon I marked with the green square, and then you will see all the bank details you need to perform the transaction:


I used transferwise in the beginning to transfer money from my bank account to my Mintos account. It works so easy, and it’s done in seconds. Transferwise convert your currency into euro or what ever you want to transfer to Mintos. The cost of this is for me around 0,4% in fees for DKK to EURO, that’s not bad, but there are cheaper alternatives.  The money are in the hand of Mintos in 30 min, and then the rest is op to Mintos, usually I can see the money on my Mintos account within 12 hours.


Revolut is by far the cheapest way you can transfer your money to Mintos. Actually it’s so cheap, that it’s free. With the standard free membership, you can exchange up to 5000€ a month between 24 different currencies, and transfer it. Be aware though, that in the weekends there is a 0,5% transfer fee.

Revolut got an app also, to make it easier for you as an investor. Until now the app worked perfect for me, and it’s nice that you can get notification directly on your phone, when the money has been transfer.


The first time you transfer money to Mintos, you need to provide confirmation that you made the transaction. So remember to check you’re mailbox. The confirmation you need to provide will be a PDF file or a screenshot showing that the transaction was done in your name from the proper service provider.

Make sure to fill out transfer details correctly

When you fill out the payment details like recipient, bank code and so on. You need to make sure that you add your ACCOUNT ID under “reference” or in a similar field. If not then it might take additional time to get the money to your Mintos account, since it requires a lot more work for Mintos to find your account. The reason for this is, that all transactions investors make to Mintos, are going to the same bank account. So Mintos have to find your transaction and then move it to the right Mintos account.

Using TransferWise it should look like this: 

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, if you are thinking about investing in Mintos, then use this link to get 1% cashback after 30, 60 and 90 days!

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