Monthly Update – January 2019

January is over, and now it’s time to reflect on what happened and see how well my investment’s did.

First off all…. WHAT A MONTH MAN!

January has been a month with quite big earnings, for me, but also a month where I made some mistakes.. But it’s okay, I you never shoot, you’ll never know. 

In January I invested almost 2000€, making the total amount off invested funds 4440€. I invested all the money in the stock market, like I announced I would, back in December. Since the 2 of January, my stock market investment account never looked back, lets hope that’s a good sign for the rest of 2019 🙂


In January I traded 14 different stocks, 12 of them with profit and only 2 of them I lost money on. Actually it’s a bit more then I planned and expected, since my strategy is more long term investing.

StockIncreased Value:
Aurora Cannabis Inc.31,83%
Vipshop Holdings24,47%
Camber Energy Inc.19,06%
GomSpace Group AB16,13%
Selecta Biosience8,18%
Veloxis Pharma7,74%
Scatec Solar7,61%
PG&E Corp.4,17%
Globalstar Inc.2,83%
Harboes Bryggeri2,21%
Gridsum Holdings1,93%
ChemoMetec A/S-2,2%
ContraFect Corp.-19,32%

The overall value of my stock market investment, have increased by 18,90% in January, I can’t really be unsatisfied, all though it could have been higher. One of the stocks I invested in have lost around 19% of it’s value since, but I’m not getting cold feet’s, I believe in the case.

The value of my stocks have changed from 1940€ to 2243€, which equals to a profit of 303€.


My Mintos “Compound interest strategy”, is really starting to pay off. You can read more about it here. Currently I have my money invested in 164 different loans, without the strategy it would still be 150.

I can really feel that I have been on Mintos for 1,5 months or so now, interest from the loans are starting to come in all the time now, it’s nice.

In January I received 13,44€ in interest, I was hoping for a bit more but Lending wise it’s the worst month of the year, a lot of loans in late payment.


It’s been really good with Envestio, no late payment’s and actually a lot of new projects this month so easy to reinvest, sadly the interest rate is dropping though.

January was the first month where I got interest from all my investment, I received 9,02€ in interest, that’s quite nice.


January have been my first month on Grupeer, so I didn’t really receive interest since we just haven’t hit payment day yet. I’m happy that I received some anyway, and that no loans are in late payment, lets hope it stays like that 🙂

I’m really looking forward to next month with grupeer, to see if all payments are done in time, and what income I can expect to be getting each month.

I received 1,15€ in interest, better then nothing.

Monthly Profit

I’m really happy with this months results, I can’t wait to see how February is gonna be.

The profit from crowdlending is gonna be a lot higher in February, because of the Grupeer investment will start to pay off, and the Mintos account still giving higher and higher annual return. That is really good since I’m not expecting to see the same results with my stock market investment, because the return was really, really high in January.

Overall the value of my investment’s ended up with an increase of:


I Hope you enjoyed,

Cya later, Mathias Pedersen

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