About me

Hi, I’m Mathias, “The Investment Rookie”,  a 20′ year old man from Denmark.

Early in life I felt in love with the world of finance, since then I have tried at least a dozen of ways to earn money, always looking for a better one, the best one. Off cause it’s about the money, but it’s more about knowing that you beat the market, knowing that you made the right call and knowing that you learned something.

The last couple of years, my focus have been on sports betting, another way of investing, at least I see it as a form of investment, a risky and fast one. Sports betting never really was my passion though, I just wanted to try it out. So now with money in the pocket, I have made a choice to move my focus towards something else.

Now it’s time for the real deal. Stock market, real estate and other kind of investment’s like the trending investment, Crowdlending. The stuff that I really like, the world of finance. This is what my focus will be on, and what I’m gonna share my thought about on this blog.

Through out the journey I been on already, I have invested just as much in my self as in money investment. I believe that it’s the key to success is self investing, since your brain is your biggest ally. This I’ll continue doing, and I hope I can inspire you to do the same, by telling about my journey and showing my journey forward.

I Hope you will follow my journey and get inspired,

Mathias Pedersen.