Stock Market Investment

In December I announced that I would start to invest in the stock market, in the beginning of 2019.

So here it is, the blog-post about how that went!

What’s my Goal with this investment?

Before I started investing my money, I had to make something very clear to myself, maybe the most important thing about investing. “What’s my goal with this investment?”. So I asked myself a bunch of questions like: Is my goal to make 5-7% annual return? Is it to hit the jackpot? Am I a short term or a long term investor? You should do the same before investing any money, without a plan it’s hard to make a dream come true.

So My Goal with this investment is: Gain high annual return over time, with high risk value investing. I’ll split my money into too bags, one bag investing in companies for 3-5 years, and another on for 0,5-1 year mostly but also for shorter term.

I’m investing only 3000€ – Here is why!

A lot of people think that you can’t invest in the stockmarket with small amounts, because of buying and selling fees. That’s not true. Off-cause it will make you some limitations, but if you can avoid stock exchanges like TOR (Toronto Stock Exchange, Canada), where the smallest fee for a transaction is 25 CAD, then you wont have a problem. Most of stock exchanges are adding fees as a percentage or an amount pr. stock, and then the amount invested doesn’t matter.

With that being said, the reason why I’m only investing 3000€ in total, is that I need a big bag of cash when we hit summer. I wouldn’t like to invest 10.000€ and then only be able to pull out 8.000 when we hit summer, with the market being so volatile right now, it’s just to big a risk for me.

Stocks I invested in:

On January 2, I invested 1.941€ in six different companies. Since then I have made around 10 trades, and currently I have stocks in the six companies below, and these I’ll hold for some time.

Aurora Cannabis Inc and GomSpace Group AB, are the stocks that I’ll hold longest, unless I see a big pullback in stock price coming, but then I’ll buy in later again. The rest of the stocks are stocks in the bag “0,5-1 year”.

Currently the value of my investment is 2.155€, which equals to a profit of:

215,4€ or 14,22%

The profit or loss on the six stocks that I’m holding right now is:

Even though i made this profit already, I’m still planing to invest 1.059€ more. Currently I’m looking in to other investment opportunities, probably I’ll make an investment in SSO.OL (Scatec Solar), but the rest of the money I don’t know about yet.

In the future I’ll make an update on my stockmarket investment’s each month, the first being on February 1. In this update I’ll share my trades, make a conclusion on the previous month and show my profit or losses.

I Hope you enjoyed,

Cya later, Mathias Pedersen.